Why Entrepreneur Solutions

 – when more is possible, good is not enough

  • If you’re not clear about why your customers should buy from you, chances are they aren’t either. Your message must match what your market wants. Get Your Business in Motion with a Compelling Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Get Your Business in Motion with a Compelling Unique Selling Proposition
  • I am an author, speaker, business development coach and the C.E.O. of Entrepreneur Solutions
  • We help you clarify what makes you the ideal solution for those you want to attract.
  • Our ideal client is a new or existing business wanting to grow, willing to make sacrifices, take managed risks, with clearly defined goals and is dedicated to their own success, where we can provide measurable value in helping them create a profitable and rewarding business by helping them acquire and retain more clients.

Discover What Differentiates Us

You know how businesses are always chasing revenue? It’s one good ‘month followed by three bad ones. You know you should be making more money, but you just don’t know how. Because even when you land a new client, it seems like you’re just not keeping pace., it’s like luck or a surprise but nothing you can plan.
Imagine instead you never had to worry about revenue again. Imagine there were no more bad months. You have a plan to attract customers like a magnet make more money that you thought possible. You’re landing clients with ease and each one propels you forward. Your business is stronger than ever and you finally have the time back to do the things that really matter to you and your life. And you’re confident your business will run without you.
What would that mean to you? What would it mean to be running a successful business? To have the cash to do what you want? To have freedom – finally!
We provide you with repeatable systems and tools to:

  • Attract more of the clients you want and deserve
  • Drive sales
  • Get your life back

Does your business give you all the success, freedom, and happiness you desire
If the answer is no, you may be missing the key that makes you stand out from the crowd – a compelling Unique Selling Proposition that drives sales. Research shows that most businesses have only a me-too, rudderless, nondescript, unappealing USP that relies upon chance and whatever is happening in the market. There’s nothing to differentiate them —no reason for prospects to buy from them. This dooms them to mediocrity.
Entrepreneur Solutions, is a leading next generation business solutions provider, specializing in non-traditional methods of marketing to uncover hidden assets in your company and provide you with repeatable systems and tools that will make you stand apart from your competition, attract and retain customers like a magnet and help you navigate the treacherous waters of the entrepreneurial journey which is full of peaks and valleys.

Marketing Strategies Small Business

Entrepreneur Solutions provides a complete spectrum of services by leveraging domain, strategic alliances and business expertise with prominent technology providers. A few industries that we serve our services, but not restricted to, are web designers, healthcare, security, insurance & finance, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, engineering, telecommunication, mobile, communications, entertainment and trades.
Our technical excellence, domain expertise, enhanced project collaboration processes and tools assure qualitative, consistent, reliable and measurable delivery to accomplish clear competitive benefit beyond traditional cost effectiveness.

Small Business Marketing Plans

Are your payroll requirements increasing more complications due to staffing increases? As your firm grows, do you exclusively find yourself spending lots of time in your business rather than on your business? If your business development is outdoing your bandwidth to maintain non-core functions, contact our professionals for assistance. Our small business startup advice and marketing plans can assist you with strategies and direct response copy that attract your customers and grow your business, and that will take your business to the next level by helping to create systems and powerful messaging that sells.
Our professionals assist you to free up your time to concentrate on operating your company by providing a complete spectrum of business solutions. We have developed a solution for small businesses that can be customized to your specifications. Our tailored small business solutions can also encompass marketing and small business development
If you are ready to turn more prospects and customers into loyal clients contact us today!

Rick McCulloch is an Author, Speaker, Business Development coach and the C.E.O. of Entrepreneur Solution. His specialty is helping entrepreneurs “Do More with Less” in today’s constantly-shifting business environment. He accelerates growth and engineer’s success by marketing to the unconscious, discovering Short Cuts -Tips and Secrets – Finding Hidden Resources and Leveraging Underutilized Assets that allow businesses to prosper. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Manitoba, a certificate in internet technology from the Southern Institute of Technology, where he has also been an instructor in the sciences, and a certificate from the Dale Carnegie Institute.  He is a member of the Canadian Imperial Business Network, a past member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and a Founding Member of NEURS, a global organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed. His business partner is David Shiang, a successful entrepreneur and C.E.O of Open Sesame Productions.  He is a self-taught entrepreneur having studied marketing and business masters such Brian Tracy, Jeffery Gitomer, David Allen, Jay Abrahams, Meir Ezra, JTFoxx, Charlie Cook, David Neagle and Perry Marshal. He has directed marketing efforts for US based software companies. He currently also mentors students and new graduates from the geosciences, in career management and volunteers for the Earth Science for Society, in association with the Association of Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, of which he is a member. He is connected with many entrepreneurs worldwide as result of attending international events like Mega Partnering.  He has recently published his book:” Timeless Commandments for Entrepreneurial Success”

Praise for Rick McCulloch

“…made us look real hard at the way we do things and were able to identify the problem we had and fix it within minutes.  As we progressed through the Power point the picture became very clear and the solution was right there to answer the questions we had for the last Cpl months
In my opinion this course is something that everyone should take
 … make sure that the system that the business is using are arranged in proper order and the people involved will identify the weak areas before they become a problem that could ruin a business.  … left us with great ideas that we are aggressively pursuing…”
~Jim Linnell -President, Eco power Industries INC.

Rick has been very helpful in “pointing me and my business” in the right direction to accelerate growth within my company. I am extremely grateful for his guidance as well as his expertise in business development.”

-Bonnie Armstrong, Mobile Marketing Allies

 “Rick’s seasoned mantras are bound to consolidate all your stray thoughts and incoherent wishes into a roadmap for your dreams to come true. His vast years of experience in dealing with complex situations can provide you the ease and comfort in your journey towards a successful entrepreneurship.”
-Satyendra Sinha, Entrepreneur

“I had the pleasure of meeting Rick through business. Rick is a highly intelligent professional who presents his discussions and explanations based on experience and well rounded research.”-Ryu Tokumine, Entrepreneur

 “Rick is a very honest and sincere Person. He has gone through tremendous efforts on himself to help guide you to where you want to go in life both personally and professionally.”
-Wes Anderson, World Financial Group

 “Rick McCulloch is a dedicated service-oriented delivery individual with a passion for mentoring and impacting knowledge and business development skills in the lives of those he comes across. He is honest, loyal, friendly and pragmatic and is one who goes the extra mile to get a project done even when the reward is not imminent. I found my time networking with Rick very rewarding and will recommend his book any time any day. “
-Olubiyi Ishola, MSc, P.Geo.


is my partner. He specializes in helping clients make quantum leaps in their businesses and personal lives. David is a graduate of MIT and has a Master of Management from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. He was also a Danforth Fellow in the English PhD program at UC Berkeley. He has broad experience in marketing, strategy, coaching, consulting, research, and education. He began teaching marketing in 1989, designing programs for companies such as GE, Chase, and DuPont. He was VP of Software Consulting with a division of IDG, a $3 billion global technology media, research, and event company. He has worked with global entrepreneurs such as Catherine Newton (catherinenewton.com) as well as companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and HP. He is the author of God Does Not Play Dice: the Fulfillment of Einstein’s Quest for Law and Order in Nature and The Regret Cure: How to Eliminate Toxic Emotions and Never Regret Again. He is also the world’s leading authority on Jim Morrison and The Doors. He co-hosted The Heroine’s Journey in 2014 and Skyrocket Your Success 2013, a 3-day entrepreneurial marketing summit. He has presented at The Billionaire Event with George Ross, The Nido Qubein Experience, and other key leadership gatherings.

Praise for David Shiang

In 2006 my team hired IDC to conduct research and deliver a set of white papers for Microsoft’s sales force. David was the project manager and the glue that kept the project together.
-Bill Barna, Microsoft Practice Director – Energy

 David is an innovative marketer who understands information technology, and he has read more books on marketing and sales than anyone else I know.
-David Alexander, Web software guru / green email marketing provider

David is one of the most brilliant people I know and I was privileged to work with him for more than 3 years. He has a firm grasp of what’s required from a service provider – he can determine a client need, articulate their requirements and execute a solution.
-Maire Kushner, Principal at CreativeMarktingContent.com

Fear Uncertainty & Doubt ♦ the Show Stoppers

  • Many Entrepreneurs have great products or services that are capable of adding significant value for their ideal clients but are having difficulty increasing sales.
  • The first reason for this is that most entrepreneurs have not clarified to themselves or their ideal prospects what differentiates them in the market place.
  • A second reason is primarily the result of the first. If you do not have clarity of what differentiates you, how can you possibly know who your ideal prospect is?
  • These problems are often at the subconscious level, with both the entrepreneur and customer resulting in fear uncertainty and doubt. This leads to indecision. All this has to do with belief systems, trust and feeling discomfort with change that keep us where we are, which difficult to overcome unless you understand your customer at the subconscious level.

Imagine More Clients

  • Imagine attracting more clients, at the subconscious level, than you can handle because you have differentiated your business where they are attracted to what you offer that no one else can or does.
  • Ask yourself, what you would be willing to do to be in that position and grow your business beyond that.

How we help Overcome those Obstacles and Get You More Clients

I am an author, speaker, success engineer and the C.E.O. of Entrepreneur Solutions.
with over twenty-five years of corporate experience and connections, we

  • create extraordinary experiences for your clients so they keep coming back for more and will freely refer you to others, by helping you
  • Strategically differentiate your business and identify your ideal client.
  • Create trust and connection in the mind of your clients
  • Create strategies to focus on the value activities that will get you in front more clients.
  • Think strategically and creatively on how to expand your business and create unexpected significant value for your clients.
  • Connect you with strategic local and global partners that can help accelerate your business
  • Help you get out of your own way of being more successful.

What Differentiates Us

  • We can get you in front of those that matter to your business and help you understand what will make them buy from you.
  • We can also connect you with strategic local and global partners that can help accelerate your business.
  • My personal Coach and Partner, David Shiang, with over thirty years of marking experience working with Microsoft, HP and IBM, and credentials from MIT, Kellogg and Berkley Universities, and global associates, brings incredible value.

Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is an entrepreneur , who is marketable and not content with living in an ocean of sameness, willing to make sacrifices, take managed risks, with clearly defined goals and is dedicated to their own success, where we can provide measurable value in helping them create a profitable and rewarding business by helping them acquire and retain more  clients.
Get your business in motion, get more clients. Sign Up HERE for a Free 30 minute evaluation to get you moving.