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 Here’s How Our USP Marketing System Works

Congratulations! By reading this you’ve already proven that you’re one of the few entrepreneurs who knows that getting outside help is sometimes the best way of accelerating your success. After all, you can’t be an expert at everything.
Our elite marketing programs are designed to make you money, not cost you money. Here’s how Entrepreneur Solutions Works:

  1. 15-Minute “State-of-Your-Business” Free Consultation. We review your situation for 15 minutes (in person or by phone) to find out more about your business and your goals. There is no charge.
  1. One Hour Discovery Session. If we think we can help you, you are welcome to take advantage of a Discovery Session that will give you specific actionable steps you can take to achieve your goals faster. After you pay our nominal fee of $497, we will send you an easy-to-complete diagnostic questionnaire that will serve as the basis for our one-hour interactive discussion. (Our fee is a mere fraction of the value you will receive. We have been paid $5000-10,000 a day for our services because we know how to deliver.) Our session will conclude with specific actions you can take to positively impact your bottom line immediately.
    If we aren’t in a position to help you, we will part on good terms and wish you all good luck.
  1. USP Marketing System to Grow Your Sales 20% in 90 Days Without an Increase in Advertising … Guaranteed

For businesses that aren’t taking advantage of all the assets at their disposal, we will offer you enrollment in our USP Marketing System Program.
Phase I. USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Definition. This phase gives you the answer to the age-old question, “Why Should I Do Business with You Instead of One of Your Competitors?” Answering this may be more difficult than you think. In our experience, 90% of all businesses have a weak, vague, and ineffective USP. They sound like everyone else and don’t give prospects a compelling reason to find out more … or buy from them. (You know what “I need to think about it” or “I’m just looking” or “I’ll be back” really means.) Saying you offer “great quality,” “great service,” and “great value” hardly distinguish you from someone else. These qualities only allow you to get in the game, not thrive. Determining a great USP requires a 360-degree view of the business and takes time to formulate. But it could be the foundation of a billion-dollar business. Just ask Domino’s, FedEx, or Amazon Prime. You know what they are all about.
Phase II. USP Integration. In this phase, we integrate your USP into all aspects of company, especially your sales and marketing: website, emails, advertising, marketing collateral, sales force, scripting, value proposition, etc. With your entire business marching to the same tune, you will attract better customers and clients and repel those who don’t fit your ideal profile.
Phase III. Marketing Asset Optimization. Most businesses sub-optimize the assets at their disposal. Customer and prospect databases, scripts, phone systems, email lists, directories, and the like are seldom used effectively to grow a business. Many companies are still using spreadsheets and post-it notes to keep track of customers. In our fast-moving age, they will be left behind. We will provide actionable methods to improve your prospect and customer/client experience so that your business never underperforms again.
Phase IV. Joint Venture and Channel Partner Marketing. There are a host of ways of growing a business. Relying on one’s own resources is a sure route to slow growth. We are seeking massive growth for you. By creating win-win scenarios with others, businesses can experience exponential results. This phase focuses on partner marketing in all its aspects, many of them hidden to the typical entrepreneur.
Pricing and Timing. Program duration and fees depend on the size and complexity of your business, with six-twelve weeks and $6,000-12,000 as typical estimates. We offer Pay as You Go as one option so that you don’t pay for subsequent phases unless you are satisfied with prior results. Businesses that implement USP Marketing strategies and tactics typically see results within 21 days and are often able to pay for the entire engagement from increased sales and profits. This program is designed to make you money, not cost you money.


We will not accept a client unless there is a good fit and we feel confident that our methods will yield a significant multiple of your investment. If you do not realize the growth results we mutually agree upon, we will work with you until you do. However, you must agree to implement the actions we recommend, with the assurance that they will be based on sound business practices, not cockamamie “shoot from the hip” tactics often used by amateurs.

About Entrepreneur Solutions

David Shiang is a graduate of MIT and has a Master of Management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. He was also a Danforth Fellow in the English PhD program at UC Berkeley. He has deep experience in marketing, strategy, coaching, consulting, research, and education. He began teaching marketing in 1989, designing programs for companies such as GE, Chase, and DuPont. His 3-day Skyrocket Your Success marketing seminar in Melbourne, FL, was given rave reviews. He was VP of Software Consulting with a division of IDG, a $3 billion global technology media, research, and event company. Clients have included entrepreneurial firms at the Harvard Innovation Lab as well as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and HP. He is a master copywriter and the author of several books. Leadership gatherings he has presented at include The Billionaire Event with George Ross of the Trump Organization and The Nido Qubein Experience at High Point University.
Rick McCulloch, CEO, is a seasoned entrepreneur who specializes in non-traditional marketing methods to increase sales. He is a master synthesizer who applies the best in business and scientific thinking to client problems. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Manitoba, a certificate in internet technology from the Southern Institute of Technology, where he has also been an instructor in the sciences, and a certificate from the Dale Carnegie Institute.
What Others Say
“Rick and David made us look real hard at the way we do things and were able to identify the problem we had and fix them within minutes.  As we progressed through the PowerPoint the picture became very clear and the solution was right there to answer the questions we had for the last couple of months. In my opinion Rick’s sales course is something that everyone should take.”
Jim Linnell, President, EcoPower Industries Inc.
“David is one of the most brilliant people I know and I was privileged to work with him for more than three years. He has a firm grasp of what’s required from a service provider – he can determine a client need, articulate their requirements, and execute a solution.”
Maire Kushner, Principal, CreativeMarktingContent.com
“On Target helps any and every entrepreneur to not only erect the support necessary to ensure performance and profitability, this book serves as the business blueprint for sustainability, scalability and durability in any economy, in any environment, in any industry.  The book is the right message at the right time for every business owner or entrepreneur who wants to increase their performance, enhance their profitability, and to connect with and convert their prospects into buyers and their customers and clients into long-lasting transactional relationships.
Spike Humer, Spike Humer Enterprises,
Former COO of The Jay Abraham Group

Contact Information

Email dshiang@gmail.com (USA) or rickm@entrepreneursolutionsinc.com (Canada) for more details on how we can help you and your business skyrocket your success.
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