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Increase Your Sales   Craft Your Message that Gives Your Customers a Reason to Buy from You…

Remember…everyone’s favorite radio station is wii.FM, “what’s in it For Me?” ~ Zig Ziglar

Let us craft your message  weave it throughout your

• Landing Pages • Sales Letters • Ad Copy • Blogs • Emails •

Drive Your Customers to Action

Give Them a Reason to Buy from YOU

If you have an unappealing message. There’s nothing unique or distinct. You  promise no great benefit. — just “buy from us” for no justifiable, rational reason.”  —  You Are Doomed to Mediocrity

Your message must …

  • Identify your customers’ problem
  • Promise to solve it
  • Prove that you are uniquely qualified to solve it
  • Make a persuasive offer to solve it
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    When I read Rick’s first book Timeless Commandments for Entrepreneurial Success, I was so impressed, that I recommended it to several of the business owners who are part of our networking organization  Few have left such a lasting impact on our members.

    ~ Kerry George C.E.O. , Canadian Imperial Business Network

    You did a great job creating marketing-oriented content that really distinguishes me from the competition. I think this will take my business to a new level.

    ~ Frank Muscolino, President, Advanced Assembly Technologies

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    Doing the right things is more important than doing things right.

    Jay Abraham, business expert, is quoted as saying that far too many entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things, wanting to get it right and not make mistakes. If you are not engaged in activities in acknowledging how to expand your business, especially revenue-producing activities, it doesn’t matter how few mistakes you make. I know lots of entrepreneurs who are afraid to go out and ask others to buy their product or service, so they hide behind their computer, so to speak. Yet hiding isn’t going to lead to revenue. Examples of hiding include fixing your website, going through emails, surfing the web, and engaging in administrative tasks. Believe me; you need to focus on the activities that will pay off for you. If you don’t want to do them yourself, you will have to delegate that responsibility to someone else.

    We are Professionals Providing Small Business Marketing Ideas that will get you more customers

    When talking about marketing strategies, we understand that our clients require easy, low cost and achievable plans. At Entrepreneur solutions, you will have experts at your assistance who can help you in getting the best small business marketing idea. Our professionals have plenty of tactics that you can put to use and it won’t blow your budget. It is the time when people from backward as well as rural areas are encouraged and motivated for pursuing entrepreneurship services.

    Our company targets delivering exceptional small business start-up advice along with sales and marketing strategies so that you can not only set up a business with a small amount of profit but you can also succeed with the ideas. Starting your own business is not an easy feat but with the help of business marketing online service, a company can grow and maximize their profit. Marketing strategy experts do not only have the responsibility of providing you the plan but also makes sure that you succeed with it. Get in touch with us for support!

    World-Renowned Marketing Consultant Jay Abraham Teaches That There Are Only Three Ways To Know To How To Grow My Business:1. Increase price2. Increase volume3. Increase frequency of purchase

    We think that the last of these is actually a subset of the second. In other words, getting someone to buy twice as often is essentially the same as doubling volume. Since two is a lot simpler to grasp than three, we suggest that there are really only two ways to grow a business – increase Price and increase Volume.How To Grow A Small BusinessYou can avoid the dismal fate of most small businesses. But you won’t find a. foolproof plan anywhere, despite what a. lot of people will tell you. (Do you know why nothing is foolproof? Because fools are so ingenious.) In order to succeed in today’s world of entrepreneurship, far more is required than capital, teamwork, planning, and a product or service that fits the market. There are thousands of examples of companies that had all the money and talent in the world but went down the drain nevertheless. Speed to market, acting with a sense of urgency, understanding what it takes to acquire a. customer, and understanding the motivations of your customers are all key.

    Clients work with us because we are recognized leaders who help them make quantum leaps in their businesses and personal lives. As long-time teachers and students of marketing, we leverage masters such as Jay Abraham, Gary Bencivenga, Gary Halbert, and Claude Hopkins. Combining timeless insights with modern research, we help you out-think , out-perform and out-maneuver
    your competition.

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    About Us

    Rick McCulloch, C.E.O.–  is an Author, and a speaker. His specialty is helping businesses grow by providing repeatable systems and tools to help them answer their customers’ top of mind question: “What’s in it for me?”. He is a self-taught entrepreneur having studied marketing and business masters such as Brian Tracy, Jeffery Gitomer, David Allen, Jay Abrahams, Meir Ezra, JTFoxx, Charlie Cook, David Neagle and Perry Marsha, Gary Bencivenga. He has published two books: “Timeless Commandments for Entrepreneurial Success” and “On Target. Mastering the Four Pillars of Business Success”, the latter co-authored with David Shiang, who is also Rick’s business coach, mentor and partner.

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    David Shiang, Managing  Director – specializes in helping clients make quantum leaps in their businesses and personal lives. He has broad experience in marketing, strategy, coaching, consulting, research, and education. He began teaching marketing in 1989, designing programs for companies such as GE, Chase, and DuPont. He was VP of Software Consulting with a division of IDG, a $3 billion global technology media, research, and event company. He has worked with global entrepreneurs such as Catherine Newton ( as well as companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and HP. He co-hosted The Heroine’s Journey in 2014 and Skyrocket Your Success 2013, a 3-day entrepreneurial marketing summit. He has presented at The Billionaire Event with George Ross.

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