SevenThings to Ask a Web Designer

“If it doesn’t make money it’s art”

The 7 Things to Ask a Web Designer Before You Let Them Build Your Website”

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    The only reason for having a website is to help you increase sales. Do you understand marketing and give my visitors a reason to buy from me, converting my visitors to customers?

  • checkDo you use a stable and well supported, versatile, secure and reliable WordPress theme or lock me into a custom design that only you can manage?
  • checkCan you provide a system of tools that will help you effectively engage and track your visitors such integration with all the popular email marketing applications, the most popular webinar applications, social media and email delivery systems?
  • checkWill my website work on multiple browsers, and be responsive?
  • checkWill my website be fast loading and secure?
  • checkWill my website be SEO friendly?
  • checkCan you provide a host that guarantees security, cleans the website from malware, phishing attacks, and backs it up on a regular basis.

You know how every time you look at your website you’re embarrassed

You don’t even want to hand out your business card in case someone looks. But its not just the embarrassment, It’s the fact that lead generation is low. You need to bring in new business but It’s not happening. And when a client does come aboard, it’s like luck or a surprise but nothing you can plan.

Imagine instead you had powerful brand, but not just one that looks good, but one that drives leads into your business. You have a steady and predictable flow of new leads. Not only is business good but you know exactly what you need to do to keep it like that.

What would that mean to you? What would it mean to have a steady flow of new business? What would it mean to be able to predict – with some certainty how many new leads you’d get next month.

Are you looking for locally designed Impressive, high performance, affordable lead generating websites to

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    Attract clients like a magnet

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    Create a working marketing funnel so that you get a constant flow of leads every month

  • asteriskBecome your marketing partner who works with you so you get the results every month you expect

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