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Because you’re here, it’s likely that we’re about to meet and so I invite you to check out the CONVERTOLOGY™ options below.

That way, you’ll be up to speed with your options, if we agree that CONVERTOLOGY™ is a fit for your needs.

But please don’t enroll in any program until after we’ve met and I’ve been able to confirm that what I have is a fit for your needs and that I believe we can work together.


Starting at $497

In-Depth Marketing Diagnostic ​Session…will give you specific actionable steps you can take to achieve your goals faster.




​PHASE I​PLUS​Create Your Messagegiving your customers a reason to buy from YOU… NOT from ​YOUR competition.

GUARANTEED ​​ Our Proven ​ Marketing SYSTEM Pays for Itself ​



​PHASE IIplusIntegrate​ Your Message…

into all aspects of Your company…• website • emails • advertising • marketing collateral• sales force • scripting • value proposition •




PHASE IIIPLUSOptimizes your number one asset…

your database of customers and prospects. To improve customer experience… retention… acquisition… and referrals.




PHASE VPLUS Create Collaboration opportunities…

with the potential for massive growth, to the next level

Here’s 8 Reasons Why CONVERTOLOGY™ is Unique

  1. Simple, 5-Step system using your existing assets… taking only a few weeks or months to see results.
  2. Internal focus groups to get your perspective of why people buy.
  3. 7-point Competitive analysis:          Quality, Delivery, Complexity, Service, Payment Terms, Support, Responsiveness.
  4. Feedback from customers – why they buy from you (Validates ​internal focus perspective).
  5. Guaranteed – If you follow our advice. We’ll work with you until you see the results we agreed to.
  6. Increase cash flow, profits margins, and working capital more than 20% in less than 90 days.
  7. Without borrowing and without increasing your advertising budget.
  8. Grows your business in 3 ways:       increasing leads… increasing the conversion rate… and increasing the value of each customer.

To YOUR Success,

Rick J. McCulloch