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If You’re Ready to Eliminate ​Stress…

Created from Your “Random Acts of Marketing” 

… and if you’re getting more serious about marketing systems to help you get more sales… Your Whole World Changes.

And you’ll enjoy peace of mind, more confidence and feel more secure. Because you’ll have a ‘conversion tap’ generating a consistent flow of clients.

I can probably help you with that, but because I don’t know you, I can’t say for sure.

And you probably don’t know me that well either.So … let’s meet, get to know each other, and figure this thing out for you.Here’s what will happen when we meet.Firstly, I’ll spend time asking you basic questions about your business, and goals.This will help me identify what you need to do. Specifically, for your business and your market… to create a predictable flow of clients… and if CONVERTOLOGY™ ─ a 5-Step system ─ is likely to be a good fit for your needs.If it’s not, I’ll probably be able to recommend something or someone else that would be a better fit.And if CONVERTOLOGY™ is a fit, we can talk about the different ways I work with clients.Of course, you’ll be able to ask me questions as well.Just so you know…the minimum investment is $497. That’s for an in-depth diagnostic. A customized CONVERTOLOGY™ program will vary from $,1997 to $9,997… depending on your needs and budget.I have a price point for most budgets …I’m not as expensive as many people think.

During the meeting, you’ll…Gain more clarity on your goals and what is holding you back from achieving them.Pinpoint the specific roadblocks in your business that you must remove to make your path to success easier.Identify ways to accelerate your progress with little-known shortcuts, tips, and techniques that apply to your specific situation.… and identify the best fit for your Market, your Style, and your Budget…discover if CONVERTOLOGY™ would be right for you.BTW: here’s what our meeting will NOT be…Your 30-minute meeting is not some sort of “sales ambush” …where you get your arm twisted and pushed into something that you don’t want. That wouldn’t be fair on you.The meeting isn’t designed as a “Coaching Consult” where I tell you what to do and you go away and do it. If I allowed you to leave the meeting with that idea, I’d be doing you a disservice. Because you’d fail to implement effectively without expert guidance and coaching. You know how it is … literacy isn’t mastery … the guide is not the result … and all those truisms.It’s better that I’m upfront with you about what it takes to embed CONVERTOLOGY™. Instead of having you think you can implement on your own. Then being frustrated and disappointed in the results.And here’s what I need from you before we meet.Our programs range in price from $497… for and In-Depth Diagnostic to $9,997… for the Massive Growth System.We may talk about those systems… relevant to you. We’ll figure that out together based on your needs and your budget.So … if you can afford at least the $497 for the In-Depth Marketing Diagnostic, I’m comfortable seeing if I have something that can help you and that fits your budget.All I ask is that you come to the meeting seriously committed to embed conversion systems into your business… and that you can afford for us to work together… if we agree that it’s a good idea for you.Otherwise, there really is no point in us meeting because if we both agree that CONVERTOLOGY™ is a good fit but you can’t afford it then you’ll be disappointed …and I may even be a tad frustrated too OK … so if you’re cool with that… I’ll really look forward to meeting you.In the end, I want you to feel excited and confident about your future… not frustrated and disappointed. So please read the following statements …to confirm that your expectations align with the purpose of the call…